Kingslayer Game Character

Finally I got to show my work on the fantasy character I did for the January exams.
This is the textured, low poly version of my sculpted assassin/mage.

I went through some serious baking problems that had to wait a while before I could fix these.
Since I am busy with the next projects I didn’t push the texturing (3D-Coat) very far.

Just below is what I got after skinning the mesh on an existing, animated rig and testing it in Unity:


This is the final version, which is to be integrated in one of my final projects, for Jun.

Low Poly Spaceship

This is the less-than-6k-verts spacecraft I made for my January exams.

Modeling and normal map baking were done in Maya, however most of the details of the normal were painted in 3dCoat, before applying the colour.

This my first hard surface modeling and texturing work. The normal baking went well,
the texturing looks still a bit gross (as it was done in about 4 hours) but the great texture presets from 3dCoat saved my life 😀

I am not the author of the design. We had to start from an existing concept.
I found the one below inspiring so I started here:

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C64 Title Screen Pixel Art

pixel art image

This is a little school project that consisted of creating a title screen for an imaginary game that would run on the Commodore 64:

pixel art image

I had to use GangEd’s default color palette and choose the Commodore’s native resolution.

Here is the actual full 160×200 resolution version:

pixel art image

The interesting challenge was that I had to consider the colour clash (in order to save memory usage we are limited to 4 colours per cell of 32 pixels in Multicolor bitmap mode, which means when we add a fifh colour an other one is overwritten). It quickly becomes a very meticulous work… well … after all, this is pixel art.

Kingslayer Zbrush High Poly model

high poly image

For exams reason I didn’t have the time last month to upload the works I’ve been producing, so there will be a couple of things coming up over the next few days.
So first, here is a high-poly 3D character model based on the concept I did a while ago.

high poly image

It is my first human-like character created with Zbrush. It had to adopt a semi-realistic style so no fine details. I enjoyed doing it, the fur on the left shoulder was I bit of a pain though.

Details of the head:

high poly image

The textured low-poly version is coming next (meant to be integrated into Unity), it only needs some more adjustments.

This is Halloween

Hi there!

Let me introduce my first low poly model ever made following a proper workflow.
Sculpted in Zbrush, retopo and texturing in 3DCoat.
This fall I starded Game Art studies in Belgium and this lovely dribbling skull pumpkin is my first school project. So, more is to come…

Happy Halloween!