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Reptilian Bioscientist

Hey, this is Frank! In fact I don’t know his name. But he is a very good scientist, working at some bioengineering laboratory in… well, in space. On an asteroïd. Yes. That’s it.  I will explain everything, just later.He (we assume Frank) is part of my end-of-year project (which is coming next).
The high poly model was done entirely in Zbrush (including the high frequencies of the organic).

It was the first time I worked hard surfaces in Zbrush.

I did a retopo in 3D-Coat, then I exported to Maya to tweak the UVs, skinned the model onto an existing rig, and some other adjustments. The final low poly model counts about 30k tris.

I did some vertex painting in Zbrush to bake the colors into an ID map in xNormal, along with a first Normal map, AO and Curvature before importing everything in Substance Painter to finish the texturing.

Then I integrated Frank in Unreal, tweaked the shaders and made him use his legs a little bit.

Making a humanoid reptilian Character was part of the original request. I didn’t want to go for a feroce space tyrex in steel armor with a lasergun, I went for a … let say a peaceful scientist thinking of his own place in the universe when he raises his look towards the cosmic space the eyes full of wonders…

References for the safety suit:


See this on my ArtStation

Kingslayer Game Character

Finally I got to show my work on the fantasy character I did for the January exams.
This is the textured, low poly version of my sculpted assassin/mage.

I went through some serious baking problems that had to wait a while before I could fix these.
Since I am busy with the next projects I didn’t push the texturing (3D-Coat) very far.

Just below is what I got after skinning the mesh on an existing, animated rig and testing it in Unity:


This is the final version, which is to be integrated in one of my final projects, for Jun.

Kingslayer Zbrush High Poly model

high poly image

For exams reason I didn’t have the time last month to upload the works I’ve been producing, so there will be a couple of things coming up over the next few days.
So first, here is a high-poly 3D character model based on the concept I did a while ago.

high poly image

It is my first human-like character created with Zbrush. It had to adopt a semi-realistic style so no fine details. I enjoyed doing it, the fur on the left shoulder was I bit of a pain though.

Details of the head:

high poly image

The textured low-poly version is coming next (meant to be integrated into Unity), it only needs some more adjustments.